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Wireless Infrastructure Benefits That We Provide To You
  • Limitless Mobility:
    Whether you are at one corner or another of your space, SkyTech guarantees that you can connect anywhere with nothing holding you back; its wireless infrastructure eliminates the need for cables.
  • Effortless Connectivity:
    SkyTech means you do not have to plug in numerous devices – its wireless nature will see you connect easily and immediatly.
  • Smart Resource Management:
    SkyTech ensures that your devices need just the much data; it manages data traffic intelligently and more resourcefully.
  • Future-Ready Scalability:
    SkyTech can also be considered an investment, sometimes as a fundamental wireless infrastructure that scales along with your growing demand.
Wireless Infrastructure services offered by SkyTech Cyber Cloud

Skytech enhaces your connectivity through efficient wireless infrastructure solutions to ensure optimal and high-speed performance wireless network.

Wi-Fi Solutions

This service enables reliable internet Connection in the office so that one can enjoy working from their devices.

Bluetooth Integration

The bluetooth service is to be used to connect peripherals without using cables to the computer, e.g. wireless keyboard and mouse and earphones.

Cellular Data Services

This service is to be used to access the internet using the devices, especially when one is mobile.

Satellite Connectivity

This service is to access the internet when I am in a roundtable meeting with two other groups in a remote place.

Mesh Networking

Mesh networking – connectivity is also offered if I have two devices in the control room.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

Enabling devices to exchange data quickly and securely. They are widely used in contactless financial transactions..

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Radio Frequency Identification is perfect for tracking and monitoring objects inside the software house, which is manifested through radio waves.

Infrared Connectivity

Infrared Connectivity as the former technology for the exchange of information within short distances.

Why Choose SkyTech Cyber Cloud

Cloud Migration Service in Dubai, UAE

SkyTech Cyber Cloud remains at the forefront of soaring heights and reliability for wireless infrastructure. Enjoy the lighting speed solution that quickly integrates with your system to form a strong network tailored to your business requirements. Do not be confined, choose SkyTech Cyber Cloud for the solution that offers you flexibility and protection at the same time graciously. All these wireless and much more at the comfort of your users as the network is easy to manage and high-performing. Trust in SkyTech Cyber Cloud to revolutionize your connectivity space by the offering unmatched wireless infrastructure option that will always assure your business performance in the digital market. Choose SkyTech Cyber Cloud for uniqueness.


Wireless infrastructures are the networks of devices and technologies that support wireless communication companies in their mobile ventures and provide the general public with connectivity devices. The collection can contain parts such as wireless access points, routers, antennas, and controllers that help transfer data over a wireless network.

For baseband wireless networks, there is centralized architecture for which the data transfer is done by the terminal device (user devices) by through the APs which are connected with a wired network. An instance of this is home, offices and public places networking and AP, which make Internet connections available for devices.

The two wireless infrastructure modes are:
  • Infrastructure Mode: Operation principle for this type of connection is in a way that network devices transmit through an access point that happens to operate as a relay point for data transfer.
  • Ad-Hoc Mode: This way of functioning refers to the case when devices communicate with each other directly and, thereby, don’t need a device as a point of their access.
Advantages of infrastructure mode include:
  • Centralized Management: One main benefit of using Skytech Cyber Cloud is hassle-free experience of network management and security which it handles on your behalf.
  • Extended Range: Accesses can be set up in such a way that the range of the network will be more extended.
  • Scalability: It is cheap to have additional access points and devices thus allowing the network to grow with it.
  • Improved Security: Centralized access points are capable of providing security features that are generally very thick.

Executing a wireless network in infrastructure level is the corporate WiFi network. In Skytech Cyber Cloud company located in Dubai, we install access points all around the office space to provide employees with wireless connections of laptops, smartphones, and other devices that are all be centrally managed in order to guarantee the high speed and safety.

The infrastructure of a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) includes:
  • Access Points (APs): Interception of signals that are carried through devices.
  • Wireless Controllers: Provide the best managing capabilities as well as controlling.
  • Switches and Routers: Wired network points APs to the wired network and manage data traffic.
  • Cabling: Ethernet cable will bring APs and switches together with the wired network.
  • Security Devices: Implementation of firewall and authentication servers for network security belongingness.
Wireless is used because it offers several advantages:
  • Mobility: Enables users to synch to the network from inside the coverage region.
  • Convenience: It does away with the need of physical cables hence facilitating the ease to setup as well as increase the size of the network.
  • Flexibility: Provides a host of devices and applications, ensuring effortless transmission.
  • Scalability: Without much fuss do the scaling and release in several settings with lesser wiring required.
Wireless services include:
  • Wi-Fi: Ensures the connection of the Internet through a relatively short range, usually home and offices, or public places.
  • Cellular Networks: Install networks all over the country to make it possible for the subscribers to use the phones and other appliances.
  • Bluetooth: Helps with the establishment of a near-range, short-range wireless connection between those devices such as headphones, keyboard etc., and smartphone.
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