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Importance and Benefits of
NGFW (Next-Gen Firewall) Firewall

Skytech Cyber Cloud’s Next-Gen Firewall(NGFW), that was just mentioned above and it does accomplish great protection, it is indispensable in the bustling digital ecosystem of Dubai. NGFW fills the significant gap left by traditional firewalls by providing defense from multiple angles. NGFW by Skytech brings a new dimension to the war on cyber threats. It has advanced features like intrusion prevention and deep packet inspection. This device not only passes on network traffic, but also cleverly screens and parses the traffic in detail using tailored criteria such as application type or user identity. NGFW Cyber Cyber. Cyber Guardian ensures that companies in Dubai are actively prepared for future threats. It projects against such things while providing firm and efficient protection for potential problems to develop into more serious issues later on.

Skytech’s NGFW solutions offer a wide range of advantages for Dubai businesses wading through the swirling waters of the net. To start with, (security by default) can be very advantageous. NGFW uses tiered controls over network traffic to reduce the risk of unauthorized access, and potential cyber threats. In second place, certain features of Skytech’s NGFW—such as application-layer filtering and real-time threat detection etc—provide a more robust defence mechanism. These not only protect data that is important, but also keeps commercial activities humming along uninterrupted. By selecting Skytech’s NGFW capabilities in Dubai, businesses find a competitive edge in managing cybersecurity challenges well and leading the march into cyberspace.

NGFW (Next-Gen Firewall) Firewall services offered by SkyTech Cyber Cloud

Skytech Cyber Cloud offers state-of-the art NGFW Firewall services in Dubai, which can give you a new sense of security against the threats to network systems. We can tailor our products for your individual needs.

Advanced Threat Protection

Skytech Cyber Cloud's NGFW services in Dubai offer cutting-edge protection against advanced cyber threats For example, deep packet inspection and intrusion prevention on the device can identify potential issues as they happen--in real time.

Application-Layer Filtering

With user-specific controls, Skytech's NGFW solutions enable businesses in Dubai to implement application-layer filtering efforts to keep out intruders and make sure they are concentrating resources where needed. Network performance and security protection are therefore assured.

Real-Time Threat Detection

Skytech Cyber Cloud's NGFW features proactive security should a threat arise, real-time threat detection capabilities can help protect your business in an appropriate way.

User Identity Management

In the digital landscape of Dubai, user identity management is crucial. With strong user identity management features, Skytech's NGFW services give organizations fine-grained control over access permissions and boost the security of the network as a whole.

Why Choose
SkyTech Cyber Cloud

In the rapid development of Dubai's digital landscape, selection Skytech Cyber Cloud for NGFW Services is a strategic move to strengthen your electronic defense Other than these and user identity manager. NGFW solutions fit the complex cybersecurity problems that businesses in Dubai face today. They come with advanced threat prevention protection services, user-driven controls and real-time threat discovery capabilities that can all be adjusted to cater for your company's specific needs. Skytech is a trusted friend ensures that your company's digital assets will not be threatened by the changing trends in cyber security. When you take our Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) services, you are not only buying state-of-the art protection for your digital assets in Dubai, but a proactive partner who will accompany you along your journey through this rapidly growing and ever -- changing technical terrain. Choose our NGFW expertise today and let Skytech Technologies , the leaders in NGFW in Dubai, empower your business with tough cybersecurity solutions tailored for contemporary digital networks.


The next generation Firewall or NGFW services are more advanced features beyond traditional Firewall such as application filtering, control, IDS/IPS and DPI services. SkyTech Cyber Cloud is here to help you with NGFW services to reinforce your network protection.

A Next-Gen firewall (NGFW) is more advanced than conventional firewalls since it is capable of doing network control and control over application and SSL traffic. SkyTech Cyber Cloud utilizes firewalls specially NGFWs to defend against advanced threats to your organization’s network.

An example of an NGFW firewall is the Palo Alto Networks PA-Series, which provides deep application visibility, threat prevention and the ability to take automated actions. To avail SkyTech Cyber Cloud’s services for implementing and managing NGFWs such as the Palo Alto PA-Series, contact us today.

Key features of NGFW include:

  • Application Control
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • SSL/TLS Inspection
  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • Identity Awareness

SkyTech Cyber Cloud ensures that your NGFW is equipped with these essential features for optimal security.

Another important tool is Firewalld that is a firewall management system for the Linux operating systems which offers dynamic approach to the network, especially with reference to the zones and services. Here at SkyTech Cyber Cloud, we offer the capacity to build and control firewalld services to take the necessary safeguarding measures for your Linux-based systems.

The benefits of NGFW include:
  • Enhanced Security: Provides added protection from the latest threats.
  • Improved Visibility: This tool offers traffic distribution during specific periods with maximum, average, and minimum traffic rates.
  • Simplified Management: Integrates several security options and enables organizations to have a single platform that addresses diverse security needs.
  • Greater Control: This makes it easier to set general policies and restrictions in combination with fine-grained control of specific applications and users.

To help you protect your network in other ways, this is what SkyTech Cyber Cloud NGFW solutions provide.

NGFW offers detailed control of network traffic and it can control traffic according to the application, user, and content. It allows individual policy management for better security and compliance of business processes. SkyTech Cyber Cloud optimises NGFWs to offer optimal management of your outgoing network infrastructure.

They are the outsourcing of the tasks of overseeing, administration, and upkeep of a firewall from an organization to a third party. SkyTech Cyber Cloud delivers firewall management services that will ensure that your firewalls are effectively configured, up to date and delivering at optimum levels.

A conventional firewall mainly functions contrary to the IP addresses, ports and protocols. While an NGFW is an advanced version of a firewall that provides all the features of a traditional firewall but also additional layers of security such as application control, intrusion prevention, and threat intelligence. SkyTech Cyber Cloud focuses on the implementation of NGFWs to ensure a high level of protection compared with ordinary firewalls.
  • Assess your network requirements.
  • Choose an appropriate NGFW solution.
  • Plan and design the network integration.
  • Install and configure the NGFW.
  • Test and validate the deployment.
  • Monitor and manage the NGFW continuously.

An NGFW is not a router in the direct sense. Although both can handle traffics, an NGFW offers some security features like application filtering, threats, and DPI while a router guides the data through networks and subnets. SkyTech Cyber Cloud uses NGFW to supplement routing assets of any network architecture.

Application control is typically used in an NGFW design to enable administrators to discover and manage applications crossing the network. This can involve preventing any unauthorized application, ensuring that only essential business applications are allowed and regulating the usage of the applications. SkyTech Cyber Cloud enables NGFW application control to improve your network environment’s security and performance.

An NGFW incorporates various security mechanisms such as IPS into a single device resulting in a complete network security solution. An Intrusion Prevention System or an IPS is a singular unit that solely specializes in identifying and blocking external threats. SkyTech Cyber Cloud provides NGFW solutions that come with IPS capabilities to ensure that security is comprehensively addressed.

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