A strong IT infrastructure is literally the backbone of every business. With the right IT infrastructure, you have effective hardware, updated software, seamless integration between the hardware and software, excellent connectivity and so on. Once you have the right system in place, you need to do regular maintenance of all the infrastructure systems to ensure they work optimally and efficiently.

Once the IT infrastructure is in place, it is not easy to manage the services on your own, while having a services provider will ease things up. They are dedicated to optimizing your IT investments and align it with your business requirements, and can proactively resolve any issues that could cause downtime. SkyTech Cyber Cloud has already earned a strong reputation as one of the most reliable and qualified IT AMC in Dubai providers.

Importance of Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) for businesses

The AMC or Annual Maintenance Contract is an understanding between the service provider and the business that purchased the services. Through this contract, the service provider will proactively ensure that your IT systems and networking works optimally well, without a hitch. They do this by 24/7 monitoring, and catch any vulnerabilities of the system before they turn big. The aim of the AMC is to keep the business operations running like clockwork, minimize downtime and remove any instance of issues.

When you have a reliable service provider, you don’t even have to think how your IT infrastructure is doing, it will all be managed to ensure seamless business operations. Through an agreement known as Service Level Agreement we will establish performance benchmarks that will evaluate the performance of your systems. This agreement will also be analyzed to see whether the systems have the response time, resolution time etc.

By working with our IT AMC in Dubai, we can ensure that your IT network and systems are working smoothly. We do this by providing specialized services that include 24/7 monitoring and support services. We will monitor your systems round the clock to ensure we can resolve potential problems. And we will also keep our systems updated with the latest software systems, and integrate them to your systems. This will ensure protection from vulnerabilities and security threats. With us at the help of your IT infrastructure, you don’t have to worry about anything, there will always be a team ready to provide support to your employees should they face any hitch while working with the IT systems. We will be there to solve your problems quickly and professionally.

IT AMC services offered by SkyTech Cyber Cloud

Through IT AMC services, our team of highly skilled IT professionals with experience in all forms of updated technologies will be able to manage your infrastructure with ease. They have the experience and knowledge to manage a wide array of IT issues, and can troubleshoot hardware and software issues, manage network optimization and security management. Have a look at the services that we provide in detail:

Desktop support

Every business has support for desktop systems because there is every chance that these could develop vulnerabilities over time. Our skilled desktop support technicians deliver remote desktop support for all kinds of desktop systems.

Network support and management

A robust IT infrastructure is possible only with a dependable network. With that, there might be reduced productivity, networking delays and problems in performing operational tasks. We offer comprehensive network configuration, support and management services.

Server Configuration and Management

Every digitally-connected organization will have dependable servers to manage critical business applications and critical data. If your business is planning to scale and grow, you need to have proper server configuration and management, handled by experts.

Server backup and data restore

The importance and significance of business continuity cannot be undermined, and there must be foolproof disaster recovery plans. This is the crux of running a proper business, and the support is provided by qualified IT AMC service providers like SkyTech Cyber Cloud.

Security Management

Our team will efficiently manage and handle business critical data through our security management services. We implement robust security protocols and end-to-end encryption to fortify your organization against all kinds of virtual attacks.

Server Virtualization

We are the industry pioneers in server virtualisation solutions and will protect your server resources from all kinds of security concerns. In the heightened demand of scalability challenges and privacy issues, you need the expertise of our team to manage the server virtualization of your enterprise’s specific needs.Partnering with us will give you the best approach to IT infrastructure with proactive maintenance, regular updates, and on-call support 24/7.

Why Choose SkyTech Cyber Cloud

Cloud Migration Service in Dubai, UAE

As a dedicated IT AMC in Dubai provider, we can optimize your business and IT investments in the correctly balanced manner, updating and upgrading them whenever required. With our extensive domain expertise and knowledge, we have been able to deliver a top-class support model to businesses of varying requirements. When you partner with SkyTech Cyber Cloud, you have access to a certified pool of resources, an incredible team of experts who follow industry best practices and give you innovation-driven proactive support. Our highly adaptable services can be aligned with your particular requirements at cost-effective rates. We ensure comprehensive coverage of your technology ecosystem.