Managed IT Services in Dubai

Companies often outsource selective IT infrastructure processes to a third-party vendor and this often includes backup and security too. This third-party service vendor has all the equipment and resources to proactively monitor and manage the customer’s networks and servers and ensure everything works smoothly. The Managed IT service provider accepts full responsibility of the functionality of the IT services and equipment.

The biggest benefit of this is that businesses and organizations do not have to bother or burden themselves with maintaining their IT infrastructure. The third-party vendor takes on 360-degree responsibility of the entire IT infrastructure of the company, and that comes with 24/7 monitoring, including problem alleviation and resolution. Managed IT service providers are different from traditional IT service providers, because they also serve as technology consultants to help their clients with the right form of IT implementation.

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Managed IT Services in Dubai

Have a look at some our managed IT services in Dubai:

Managed IT Infrastructure

We provide a proactive and comprehensive evaluation, management and monitoring of your IT infrastructure, both on-premises and cloud. We aim to enhance operational agility, optimize cloud infrastructure investments and reduce risk. The scope of our services covers everything from desktop to networking, data, storage, security and more.

Managed Cloud Services

Through our managed cloud services, we incorporate an ecosystem in the cloud that allows for the organized management of cloud services and IT. We have future-proofed technology, custom and integrated services with robust infrastructure to enable disaster recovery, coverage on all service levels, hosting and implementation 24/7 help desk support, etc.

Managed Email Security services

Managed Email Security services is one of our prime services. We help your business from all sorts of data loss, data theft, malicious attacks and so on. We use advanced tools and the latest algorithms to monitor the inbound mail for suspicious and malicious content.These are some of the prime services that we provide. Based on your requirements, we will be able to provide more customized services.

Security and Management solution

Through our Infrastructure security management solutions our team works round the clock to protect the critical systems and assets against all forms of threat, both physical and cyber. We incorporate the latest hardware and software solutions to protect your assets and to completely lock down potential vulnerabilities. We will also incorporate gatekeeping devices, also known as firewalls, to prevent malicious people from entering the network.

Managed IT Service Providers in Dubai

Managed IT Services for Businesses

The critical feature of our managed IT services in Dubai is that it reduces in-house overhead and increases IT efficiency. The IT services will be managed by experts in the field, and you can not only free up resources, but allocate different tasks to the workforce and free up their time. You don’t have to hire IT teams, because the managed services provider will have their own team, so you can save money there – no more hiring, or training IT staff because this will all be handled professionally by the service provider. It doesn’t matter if your own staff is not proficient with the latest IT services, SkyTech Cyber Cloud makes up for all those missing skills. Hiring MSPs like us would be a huge cost-saving move for you because you don’t have to invest in permanent internal servers. You are only investing for the services that you engage us for, and thereby save time on full-time employees.

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SkyTech Cyber Cloud, aims to provide specialized and customized managed IT services in Dubai. We focus on technology solutions that allow us to solve complex problems of our clients and deliver qualitative services to them. We are one of the top IT managed service providers in the UAE and are equipped with the resources to embrace the best technologies to solve complex business challenges. With the practical expertise and in-depth knowledge of our team, you can make the best decisions in relation to IT and enjoy scalable solutions with the added advantage of reliability, efficiency and enhanced productivity. Partner with SkyTech Cyber Cloud to explore new depths in your business and to unlock the full potential of your offerings to your clients.

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