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Role of IT infrastructure

Benefits IT Infrastructure Services in Dubai Business

Whatever business you run, the key differentiator that sets you from your competitor is the customer experience that you provide. Having a good and reliable IT Infrastructure company Dubai as your partner plays a critical role in this. It enables not just commendable customer experience, but seamless operations along with high-level data security. These factors are very important to gain competitiveness in the market.

The digital landscape is constantly evolving and the rapidness at which this is happening is certainly amazing. The only way to meet this technological revolution is through a reliable IT infrastructure. A sturdy IT infrastructure is what every business yearns for, whether it is a small startup or an MNC. Having a trusted technology infrastructure partner will ensure your data and applications are accessible by authorized people from anywhere in the world, boosting productivity and fostering collaboration.

Leading IT Infrastructure Solutions Provider in Dubai

SkyTech Cyber Cloud is a leading IT Infrastructure company Dubai providing comprehensive and high-end solutions for IT infrastructure. We provide all the tools, technologies and components that you need to run and manage your IT services and architecture. We enable companies to innovate and adapt to the changing market trends. With technology evolving at an extraordinary rate it is only natural that you need to be updated with the latest ones, and with no compromise in security as well. That's where we leverage our team’s combined knowledge and expertise.

We can define a strategy that would best suit your business, and eventually implement and support a comprehensive IT infrastructure that would accelerate your business to immense potential and growth. We have already installed complex IT infrastructure for a variety of industry verticals including Hospitality, Legal, Education, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Construction, Property, Retail and more.

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Our Services

IT Infrastructure Services in Dubai

As an experienced IT Infrastructure company Dubai, we provide the following services to our growing clientele:

IT Infrastructure Consulting

Through Infrastructure consulting services, we evaluate our present IT architecture, and implement a new strategy that will help you realize your business goals.

IT Infrastructure support

We have an expert term delivering timely solutions to any hitches you might endure. With our deep technical knowledge, you will not feel any trouble.

IT Consulting

Strategic planning is essential to reap success from IT infrastructure. Moreover, an eye for the latest technologies is essential to beat the competition. IT consulting offered by Sky Tech is a blend of these aspects. We are also experts at minor tweaks that could fine-tune company outputs with better efficiency.

Cloud Solutions

Flexibility is our specialty in cloud computing. As per the demands and requirements of clients we tailor cloud solutions designed to boost the networking, storage, and security capabilities of organizations. Our collaboration with prominent cloud solutions like AWS and Microsoft Azure makes these services reliable. Hybrid solutions are also offered for clients who require to leverage cost-effective cloud solutions.


As connectivity is essential for businesses, at Sky Tech we strive to innovate corporate telephony systems that are scalable and affordable at a time. Our primary services include the incorporation of IP PBX systems in corporate establishments. Since it works based on Internet Protocol seamless integration of telephones into other digital realms such as email and video calls can be established with minimal investment. We also offer extended features such as intercom dialling and DND adding value to such installations.

Network Solutions

We understand the need to improve networking to boost customer experience. Thus our network solutions are designed to provide seamless access to data and resources. Moreover via technologies such as VPN Sky Tech’s clients can leverage private networking pathways that are encrypted from unauthorized access. Our services include the optimum utilization of tools from Cisco and Microsoft Azure.

A Dive into

IT Infrastructure Management Services

SkyTech Cyber Cloud offers a variety of management services when it comes to planning and designing your IT infrastructure. This includes constant monitoring, troubleshooting, updates and security services with reduced maintenance costs.


Cloud migration

We offer a variety of cloud migration solutions based on your business requirement. It could be full migration or a partial move depending on the flexibility, scalability and other needs of your business.


Cloud Infrastructure security

Being online can expose businesses to a number of vulnerabilities if not monitored properly. We will monitor your cloud infrastructure against all forms of security threats and provide the best solutions ever. Keep running your business in peace.

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Why Us for IT Infrastructure Solutions Dubai

SkyTech Cyber Cloud’s team of rockstar IT experts have earned quite an impressive reputation over the years with their experience in providing premium IT infrastructure solutions. With our experience and knowledge, you can improve your organization's IT and its capabilities and convert it into an asset. We can help you define a strategy that would help plan, implement and install the most suitable and comprehensive IT infrastructure that will enable your organization to deliver technologically advanced solutions.

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Our IT infrastructure company in Dubai offers a whole range of services including network design and implementation, server setup and management, cloud computing solutions for clients, cybersecurity services, data center management, IT consulting, infrastructure monitoring, and support services.
We specialize in serving various industries such as finance, healthcare, education, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, government, and transportation.
We provide both on-site and remote support options. Our team is equipped to provide quality, fast and reliable support regardless of location.
Our technicians possess certifications from leading technology vendors like Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA, VMware, and AWS. Moreover, they also undergo regular training to stay updated on the latest technologies and best practices.
We ensure security for cloud deployments through a combination of encryption, access controls, identity management, threat detection, monitoring, regular audits, compliance with industry standards and adherence to best practices.
As one of the leading IT infrastructure companies in Dubai, we develop and implement secure networks for our clients by conducting careful risk assessments, identifying vulnerabilities, implementing firewalls, intrusion detection systems, VPNs, access control, and encryption, and continuous monitoring and maintenance.
To help business against cyberattacks, a multi-layered approach is adopted which includes cybersecurity assessment, employee training, endpoint security, network security, email security, threat intelligence, incident response planning, and regular security audits done at regular intervals.
IT Infrastructure solutions involve designing, implementing, managing, and optimizing the hardware, software, networks, and systems for supporting the operation and organization’s IT environment.
Businesses benefit from IT outsourcing by gaining access to skilled expertise, lower costs, scalability, flexibility, increased efficiency, focus on core competencies and risk mitigation.
IT infrastructure companies in Dubai like Skytech Cybercloud is crucial in assisting businesses with tasks such as planning, implementing, managing, and enhancing their IT infrastructure to support their business activities, accomplish their objectives, and maintain their competitiveness.
There are various types of infrastructure services in IT, such as network services, server services, storage services, cloud services, cybersecurity services, data center services and IT consulting services.
The function of the IT infrastructure consultant is to evaluate the IT needs of a company, design tailored solutions, implement infrastructure projects, offer expertise, and provide support to ongoing operations and optimization.
IT infrastructure consists of hardware (servers, network equipment, storage devices), software (operating systems, applications, networking (routers, switches), data centers, cloud services, and lastly cybersecurity measures.
In networking, infrastructure refers to all the physical and virtual components that constitute the network hardware and software that are needed for data communication and transfer such as switches, routers, servers, cabling, protocols, and the software-defined networking (SDN) technologies.
IT infrastructure management involves the management of the operation, maintenance and optimization of an organization’s IT infrastructure to ensure reliability, performance, security, and compliance with business requirements and objectives.
Remote infrastructure management is known as RIM or remote monitoring and management (RMM). It stands for managing and monitoring IT infrastructure remotely, often through automated tools and processes, to ensure optimal performance and security.